The Best of the Rockies

Glacier Stone Supply, LLC is your premier natural stone company providing our clients
with "The Best of The Rockies." We are proud to be the largest manufacturer
of natural stone thin veneer products in the Pacific Northwest.

As a sustainable building material, natural stone products - especially our
Natural Lite™ Thin Veneer - is a lightweight alternative to full stone and a far
superior alternative to manufactured stone.

Glacier Stone Supply is the source for all of your building projects, providing our Natural Stone
in our trademark Natural Lite™ Thin Veneer, Full Stone Veneer, Architectural Stone, a
myriad of Landscape products as well as custom hearths, mantles, chimney caps and more.



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Say no to faux

Just Say NO to Faux!

Here are some of the facts:


  • Nature's Color Palette
  • Natural Shapes & Texture
  • Lifetime of Durability
  • Natural Resource


    FAKE STONE (products like Cultured Stone®, El Dorado Stone® & others)
  • Factory attempt to replicate, but never looks real
  • Repeating patterns of the same molds, not natural
  • Product begins to degrade from day one, fades and crumbles
  • Extensive energy, and CO2 production with manufacturing


Why wouldn't you use the real thing?

A great analogy in today's building market is to look at how far we've come with counter-tops. You never see Formica counters in homes today; customers opt for the natural warmth and durability of granite. The exterior of your home says a lot about you; make sure that first impression is "WOW"; with the quality and lasting beauty of Natural Stone. This investment pays off in higher resale values as well as rewards you with years of beauty direct from the Rocky Mountains.


Cultured Stone® and El Dorado Stone® are registered trademarks (CLICK TO CLOSE)


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